Testing, 1…2…3

Dear Friend,

I’m doing a few tests of my personal writing style to see what fits me best. As you can probably tell from my previous entries, I’ve been going the whole “artsy” route with the posts, which inevitably just leaves tantalizing glances of my life that don’t really give you a clue of what’s going on, and in a few years won’t serve as decent triggers for my own memories.

See, I’m studying in York, England at the University there. I’m in a point in my life where I won’t be able to do this again. So I want to savor every moment while I’m here, but also to remember it, to document it. So many of my favorite bloggers tell their lives in pictures, arty little snapshots of a still life of their feet, or an apple on a white table, or something. But it’s all been done before, and by far more eloquent (and camera-savvy) women than myself.

So I was thinking to myself, “who is my audience? what is my style? what do I want to say? why am I writing at all?” And so after some reflection (I’ve been trying to get my journal writing into gear too), I decided to write my blog as I would letters to a dear friend. I won’t do arty things unless that’s the mood I’m in. I want to tell stories, with detail, and to make them interesting. My friends and family don’t want to hear, “adjusting. this takes time.” they want to know how I’m adjusting, what makes it tough, who said what that’s making it better or worse.

I want to write details, but I don’t want it to be tedious to read. I know I tend to skip blog entries that are too long. But since I don’t have a daily audience of thousands, I can get away with writing more than a few words between colons. ::happiness in the form of a plum::, etc. These things are inspiring, but alas, not my voice. My voice talks about me a lot. That’s one of my new-year’s resolutions, you know? To listen more, to censor myself a little in life and conversations, but to kind of go wild hearing myself speak in text. Sorry if it’s not very coherent sometimes.

Epistles are fun. I always enjoyed reading epistolary novels, though some people I know hated them. Dear Diary sounded way too trite and twee, and Dear Universe was more the vibe I was giving off previously. I’m not 19th century-enough for the Dear Reader, and a name or even Hey You just isn’t what I’m going for. I decided I needed an audience for my ramblings, so why not put you in? You’re a friend, and I want to tell you what’s going on! So I think adventures punctuated with fun pictures… of me, of my surroundings, of my friends are what are in order. I think you’d prefer to hear what I’m saying… not what my idealized internet-inspired self would say.

Take care, and write back!



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