The Organization (wo)Man

Dear Friend,

I am totally obsessed with stationery, notebooks, and organizing. I spend hours online reading how to increase my productivity by doing this or that, how to “hack” a planner, ie. create a planner out of a regular notebook, and all sorts of things. I love to accumulate pens, organize my shelves and alphabetize my books, put things in categorical boxes, and plaster my wall with calendars. I love to tidy things up. That’s just how I roll.

Granted, I tend to accumulate lots of notebooks and office supplies that only get half-used, and spend much more time planning how I’m going to get things done rather than actually doing things. Marquis sometimes gets frustrated when I say “I’ve gotta do this” or “I need to plan how I’m going to do that.” “Why don’t you just stop planning and do it?!” he says. Much as I love the look of a long to-do list, the man has a point.

I spent the past few days surfing the internet, finding the ways to create my perfect planner. I made one for myself in early November, so although I’m motivated to create my dream planner again (with all sorts of improvements), the notebook is too new, too empty to set it aside for a fresh planner. That Moleskine notebooks are so expensive in England deters me a bit more than the possibility of the fresh and new start of 2008. In any case, I’ll need a new one at the start of the next academic year in August.

So for now I just wanted to share the links that inspired me this morning, and now I’m off to the library to print out articles concerning Oliver Twist, so that I may at least accomplish what I ought to. Or I’ll sit for the next two hours reading about GTD (Getting Things Done).

Looks like I’ve stumbled upon one of the new self-help movements. Hurrah!

Yours, organizationally,


Moleskine Hack 1 by AK

Mike Rhode’s Creating A Custom PlannerĀ 


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  1. marquis said,

    January 13, 2008 at 7:15 pm

    I love this post!

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