I’ve got to admit, it’s getting better…

Dear Friend,

Whew! Has it been a long and arduous week. And now commences a new one, bright and early, with a lecture at 9:15. And I’m up, ready (mostly) to go, and eating some really lovely Greek yogurt.


Last week was cruel and hard, as I said, because of having to switch to a new section of my class, as well as coming down with the worst stomach bug I’ve ever had. Generally making me feel very unpleasant, and not wanting to move or do anything.

But the time has come! I must make up for lost time, and diligently begin to work hard this semester. I had started off well, until the sickness came in, which essentially made me useless for 5 days.


I figured I would show some photos, since I’ve been neglectful on that point recently. The first photo is of Clifford’s Tower, the site of York’s worst massacre of the Jews in history. It happened in the 1200’s, and is still remembered. The Tower is lovely to look at, though, and it stands in the middle of a traffic circle.

The second photo is of Julie and me at the edge of the River Ouse, which flooded this past week. Clearly this happens frequently, because one of the pubs had just built up a wooden entrance ramp to let its customers in, despite the water.


Finally, this photo was taken on a bridge which looked over into a little garden. The beautiful thing about it are the red berries, and the building that’s made both of brick and stone. The stone building clearly was a personal chapel of some kind, as the window style usually indicates such, and the serenity of the little garden just makes me want to hop down there and bask in sunshine. Of course, when there is sunshine. 😉

Sincerely, Annemarie


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  1. ashley said,

    February 5, 2008 at 4:56 pm

    Everything looks so beautiful! Thanks for the email update. I didn’t know you were on wordpress (too). I’ll blogroll you soon (is that a verb now too? Guess so.) I look forward to seeing and hearing much more about your trip. I am jealous in many ways, but also really enjoying the 82 degree weather we’re having in Austin today.

    I miss seeing you around the lounge and Waggener generally. I’d like to talk sewing with you when you get back – I’ve been working on craft projects nearly every day recently. I’m hoping to make my wordpress blog more of a crafty blog and less emo/dreary/german.

    Much love from across the pond,


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